I make work in theaters, but also in public spaces. I use sculptural components such as objects, physical structures, or projections to construct environments, magnifying the human body’s relationship to environment and environment’s imprint on the body. The scale of sculptural elements--both minimal and massive--reflects back not only the true dimension of the body, but amplifies the multidimensional terrain of the human emotional landscapes that may seem out of proportion to the physical body.

Study of Time and Motion

A collaborative performance project by Tamin Totzke and Tia Kramer that explores human connection within the modern push toward efficiency. A series of site specific performances reactivate Seattle’s vacant Georgetown Steam Plant and the Duwamish River it once relied upon. Inspired by Steam Plant designer Frank Gilbreth’s and his wife Lillian’s 18 iconic gestures of efficiency and inefficiency, performers grasp, position, and reposition objects and themselves with measured cadence. This multidisciplinary project invites viewers to think through how the body moves us forward.


Orbiting Together

Is a new way engage with unseen objects that make that technology possible. Through text messages we instruct participants to poetically enact gestures that respond to the function of the satellites orbiting overhead.” Orbiting Together is the participatory experience of the current Olympic Sculpture Park artists in residence, Tia Kramer, Eric Olson, and Tamin Totzke.