Dance Artist


My work, as a dance artist, is rooted in the fascination of the body as an archival site of personal history. Nuanced physicality and movement tasks construct relationships where performers exist individually, but as part of the larger whole. Emerging themes arrive through the groups' collective experience that evolve and shape the trajectory of the work. 

I recently  began unearthing the "Resiliency Project", a series of movement workshops and performances intended to enliven the somatic system of social engagement by bolstering human connection.  More information on this coming soon!!

I have two long time collaborations that are near and dear to my heart that greatly influence my life both inside and outside of art-making. I’ve been collaborating with artist Tia Kramer since 2014 through our project Study of Time and Motion.

I also dance with a group of seasoned improvisers in a collective that goes by the name, Avid. Together we research ensemble dance improvisation through both practice and performance.